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Learning Creative Design in Simple Tricks

Nowadays, a lot of computer programs are invented to help people make attractive and great design. However, you will not be able to create an attractive and beautiful design without learning more about the techniques. Yes, having more understanding about the basic things in creative design will be very important in order to make exceptional and beautiful design. Here are some basic tricks to make your design more attractive and exceptional.

The first important factor in design is color. You have to notice that color gives great effect, especially in creating mood. Color also gives great contribution in how people receive and understand a design project. Besides, this is also one of the most useful things for companies, foundations, as well as organizations to create their brand. The yellow border of National Geographic will be one of some great examples on how color plays its role in branding something.

Second, you can try to express your message or story though lines. The shape of the line will be the carrier of the message. Thick lines usually used in any projects for young audience, while thin lines will be perfect to express intelligence and elegance. Perpendicular lines symbolize something lasting and solid, while horizontal ones show the calm offered by a horizon. Then, diagonal lines have great ability to create 3-D space in 2-D environment.

Shape will be the third important factors. Objects in different shapes will ring their own messages. Usually, angular shapes such as rectangle or square will be used to give a touch of masculine feeling. Use shape to get your message across. Meanwhile, any circular objects will be used in expressing touch of feminine feeling.

Pay attention to the size since this is the next important factor in making your design attractive. Besides, being careful and thoughtful in using space will also be very important. Make sure to provide white space or areas without any content in your design. It will be important to prevent problem of visual claustrophobia.

Those four important points are the most basic things that you have to notice before making design. Surely, there are still some other important factors that help you create attractive and beautiful design. You can learn the more detail techniques by attending some courses or schools.

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