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What to Look for in a Good Website Builder

Using a good website builder can bring many benefits and advantages to your personal and commercial projects. A website builder can allow you to build a professional-looking website in a relatively short amount of time without extensive knowledge of HTML or CSS. A web builder can also help you to choose and add useful add-ons and scripts that can enhance the user experience on your website without needing to pay large fees or have knowledge of scripting languages.

How can you know you have chosen a good website builder?

1 – It is easy to use
A good website builder should be able to do everything it needs to do without you needing to know any coding languages like HTML. It should be a point-and-click or drag-and-drop system that allows you to build your website quickly and easily. You should have a lot of pre-set options for a layout as well as the option to customize any of the templates you use for your site.

2 – Templates can be easily personalized
Personalizing a template can mean changing the colors of different elements (text, background, etc), changing font types and sizes, and changing the colors and styles of simple elements like links and buttons. You should also be able to change, add, or remove any graphics on the page to suite your needs. The goal of using a website builder is to make things easier on yourself without looking like your site was designed based on a template.

3 – Add-ons are available
What kinds of extra features or elements can you add to your new website? A good web builder will allow you to add things like a guestbook, a message board, or an RSS feed, and all without you needing to know a single line of code. If you are looking to build an ecommerce website, a site builder will include everything you need to set up your online shop and shopping cart system. Some website builders can also offer you the ability to process payments through your website for a small fee per transaction and/or per month.

4 – The price is right
Last but not least is price, which can be a very important element in choosing the right website builder for your needs. Quite a few website builders are free to use, and still more have packages ranging from very inexpensive to full-featured monthly subscriptions for a premium fee. Be sure to compare and contrast the different options you have discovered and choose the best web builder for your project!

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